The Brand;

An affinity for illustration, painting and the joy found through tangible paper goods formed the foundations of Studio Caprii. 

With a focus on hand drawn and painted artworks that are all created inhouse and printed in Australia, our mission is to provide you with a special piece of artwork that has been created with intention.

~ For you, your home or to gift ~

Officially launching in September 2020, Studio Caprii is the spark and joy that gets Natalie going each day, as she continually creates and develops future artworks that represent her creative vision.

Studio Caprii holds an artisanal and intricate design feel, each artwork a culmination of the things that inspire Natalie.

Meet Natalie  —

Hi I’m Natalie, the founder of Studio Caprii.

I am fortunate to have grown up in NSW, Australia with much of my time flowing between coastal, beach, suburban and bushland settings.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to beautiful, tangible paper goods. Anytime I entered a newsagency or bookstore, I’d run to the specialty paper and absorb myself in all the beautiful greeting card designs, overwhelmed at the endless possibilities of where some of the illustrations could take my imagination.

I feel so lucky to have the passion I do for art. This interest has made many challenging events between 2020 to the present feel much more manageable as I have been able to delve into my art.

With a study and work background in Graphic Design and Marketing, I’ve developed a skillset which allows me to fuse some of my traditional artworks with digital elements that translate to a home decor and gifting audience.